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Learning to be Joseph

The first post on a blog is probably the most difficult. I suppose it is a lot like writing the first page of a book. Often times you have a good sense of what you want to do with the book and you know the story that you want to tell, but how to begin? (That’s how I imagine it to be anyway.)

That’s the feeling I’ve got today, and yet here I am and here you are, reading the ramblings of a man who probably needs more help than you in learning and living like the first Catholic Dad on the history of the planet, St. Joseph.

Perhaps that’s not an accurate portrayal. We all know that St. Joseph died before the Catholic Church was officially established, but I have to think that St. Joseph understood who his son was and why he was there. I think he bought into the message of the Savior long before it would be realized in the death and resurrection of his adopted son. This account of his happy death points to this reality, too.

So, who is St. Joseph? In my eyes St. Joseph imbues the qualities that every earthly father should have: humility, wisdom, strength, discipline, perseverance, faith, hope and, above all, love. He lived his life with great temperance and obedience to the will of God. He was a man of great prayer and knowledge of the scriptures (how else would he be able to understand the importance of this “child born of a virgin”) and it was these things which fueled and guided him everyday. He was a great teacher and strove diligently to pass on his faith and his trade to his only son. He cared for and provided for his family and endured great hardships without complaint.

In a word, he is our model and our guide, helping us on our path to sainthood and into the way of life God asks of each of us. So, stick around and join the conversation as we all try our hand at learning to be Joseph!


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