My name is Wayne Topp and I am a proud Catholic married man with three beautiful children. I was born and raised in a Catholic family, who attended Mass every week and made sure we got to religion class every Wednesday night. It was a life that lead me, ultimately, to discern my call to the priesthood in the seminary for one year. 

With all that, however, I’ve come to realize the amount of knowledge and understanding about the Catholic Faith I am still missing out on and in particular I realized that, as a man, it is my job to make sure my kids know what it is to learn and live the Faith.

So, this blog is, for me, a reflection on the role of Catholic Dads in this world and in this Faith. Through our example, just like the example of St. Joseph, we pass along our Faith to our kids and our spouses and it is to the extent that we show our love and dedication to our family and our Faith that our children and our spouses will do the same.

St. Joseph did it first, we are all just learning to be like him! 

P.S. I also recognize the great role of my wife in helping me to shape myself into the man God is calling me to be and I believe it was very much the same for Joseph. So, while this is not directly geared toward these great women, wives and mothers will hopefully be able to benefit greatly from this content as well.


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