Tired of Boring Sex?

27 Jan

I was driving down the interstate yesterday with my wife and 5 children and as I often do, much to my wife’s chagrin, I was reading the billboards. One billboard in particular stuck out to me because it had only five words and a jarring question: “Are you tired of boring sex?” It was an advertisement for an “adult toys” store and I was blown away by the audacity of the company to put something so direct on a billboard that pretty much anybody over the age of 6 (and probably many 6 year olds) can read even at speeds of 60 mph or higher (let alone during rush hour traffic when the little ones might have time to sound out the words).

Thankfully, none of my children saw the billboard and I had to tell my wife what I had just seen while simultaneously silently exploring my own reaction to it. My first thought apart from the utter disbelief, was curiosity. “What is so boring about sex?” Maybe it’s just me, I thought, but “boring” has never been a word I would even think of to describe sex. So, I asked my wife, who confirmed my assumption that she wouldn’t either. So, why would this company choose that question as the only words on it’s advertising campaign? The answer the company is expecting to get from lots of consumers is, “YES!! I’m sick of boring sex! I need more spice in my sex life?” And that’s when the light bulb came on; sex isn’t about the beautiful union of flesh, the physical representation of the marital union promised on the day of the wedding. It isn’t even about a relationship anymore; sex is simply a form of entertainment. Sex is just another activity, like riding a bike or stamp collecting, that eventually, if you do it often enough, it just gets boring. And what a sad statement that is to make about our culture. How much our culture is missing out because we have diminished one of the most miraculous gifts God has given us, into something so benign as collecting spoons (no offense to those who still find great excitement in spoon collecting).

God has given us the ability to participate in creation! Can you believe that?! I mean seriously! Just stop and think about that for a minute. God, the creator of all the universe, the creator of you and me, he has given us the ability to participate in his creation. We for a few brief moments get to be the instruments of God’s creation! And what an awe inspiring gift that is and, when you think about it, what a terrifying responsibility. You know, it’s kind of a big deal to create something, especially when that something has a purpose and a plan given to him by God.

And that is why the Church is so concerned about sexual purity. The great gift of our sexuality is just that and should be treated as such. It is a great GIFT and not some cheap form of entertainment to be found online for low monthly payments or in some “adult toys” store. The word boring should never be used to describe sex because that is the consumer mentality. Gifts are meant to be enjoyed, certainly, but they are also meant to be used appropriately. Nobody receiving a GPS watch for Christmas would go start using it to hang pictures. Just like that watch has a purpose, so does sex. Sex is meant to be reserved to a man and woman, within the bonds of holy matrimony, pouring out the love of God to one’s spouse in an intimate union that allows God to work through that moment too and when that gift is put to use for its purpose, you find the word “boring” far from the lexicon of that experience.

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