The Man Mary Loved

24 Mar

Catholic Education Resource Center has a nice interview given by Holy Cross Fr. Roland Gauthier about his devotion and study of Joseph. I highly recommend reading the full interview, but if you don’t have the time, here are a couple great excerpts:

In the area of marriage and family life, for example, theological research points to the fact that St. Joseph was a true father and husband. He didn’t beget Jesus, but he carried out all the functions of a father towards his child — a role of educating and forming that first-century Jews considered even more important than we do today.

St. Joseph was also a true husband. This runs contrary to the view of some people, who have imagined Mary as a kind of nunand thought that the couple’s love wasn’t very deep. The truth is that Mary was a married woman who loved her husband with a virginal but real and complete love. I’ve always maintained that Mary loved Joseph as no other wife has ever loved her husband and that their union is the most perfect realization of earthly love. …

St. Teresa of Avila said that St. Joseph is the model of the interior life. I think this is a consequence of his unique roles of husband of Mary and father of Jesus. For years — 12 at the very least — Joseph lived in intimate union with the Son of God and with the world’s greatest saint. No other saint had this privilege! So who better to lead us to Jesus and Mary?

Joseph’s role in the spiritual life is well expressed in a Nativity scene by the Renaissance painter Barocci: Joseph is opening the door, motioning an unseen visitor to come inside towards Jesus and Mary. This captures something of what I’ve experienced of St. Joseph in my own personal life.

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